Sunday, March 4, 2012

Super Sized!

17 x 6 inch flannel heat pack

    Over that past few months I have had a few requests for larger heating pads and one client even special ordered some.  I've always hesitated making them because I wasn't sure how they would fit in a microwave. Well this weekend I finally experimented with making a some.The bags fit in the microwave just fine if you fold them.  The heating time is, of course, is a couple minutes longer.  I let my husband try one out for his neck and he liked how it wrapped around better than the shorter ones I have.

22 x 5 inch heating pack with removable cover. 
This is what the heat pack looks like without the cover. All of these bags are double-stitched to last longer.
When I have more time I will make larger square shaped packs : )

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