Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Pillow Case Dress

I've seen many pictures for pillow case dresses and have always wanted to try to make one.  They seemed really simple to make so last night I finally got a chance to make one.  They are really easy to make! And fun!  You can do all sorts of things to dress them up.  I had such a hard time deciding which ribbons to use to dress this one up.  I finally decided on the lavender ribbon for the ties and a trim at the bottom.  I have pretty sequins to put on this dress too, or should I make some cute bows...........................oh well, I'll decide later!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedge Flip Flops w/ Swarovski Flowers

One of the first pair of flip flops I "decorated" was for a friend of mine as a birthday present.  I used an Old Navy Wedge and made flowers out of AB Crystals with a rose colored center.  I divided the flowers with blue zircon crystals which to me actually look more green than blue in color.  I thought the color combination turned out very nice.  Her flip flops turned out to be too uncomfortable for her to wear for long periods of time so she asked me to redo her flip flops on a more comfortable shoe.  This is a Reed Brand Flip Flop which is much more comfortable.  Don't get me wrong, there are certain Old Navy flip flops that are very comfortable and I still use them for embellishing, but this particular wedge just wasn't that comfortable even for me.  This is how they turned out:

I'm not sure yet how to get close ups of crystals with my camera and not get lots of "twinkles" in the picture.  So this close up is as close a I could get without them. :)  Hopefully you can get an idea of the patten I used.