Microwavable Heating Pads

Very Eco-friendly alternative to electric heating pads!
I'm not super big on sewing, but I thought it would be a good idea to teach my daughter to sew on a sewing machine.  But what to sew, hmmmm.  I know! She loves her little heating pack that a friend gave her, but after much use it was starting to smell rancid.  We decided one of her first items to sew would be a new heat pack.  But why make another one that will soon smell awful?  I started researching all the different kinds of things one can put in the microwave and tested different things out.  The greatest testers were my children.  They were very anxious and quick to tell me which grains, beans, etc smelled good, bad, and horrid.  After much research and experimenting we decided to use whole corn.  The smell was the least offensive because it smelled like popcorn and it stayed warm longer because it is a larger grain.

Amy made her first corn bag and I got carried away and made a bunch more for my children, mom, and friends.  My friends gave me more ideas and we started making them with removable covers; covers that can be washed and (sanitized).  I thought they were so fun and convenient that we thought we would list a couple on eBay.  To our surprise we found that many, many other people like them as much as we do!

Sizes available  10x10 inch    and    15x5 inch
You may specify packs for women, men, unisex, child (boy or girl)
Or order a specific pack that may be pictured

Each of my heating packs are individually wrapped with complete instructions.

Heat packs are shipped Priority Mail as this is less expensive than First Class.
No international shipping.

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