Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Time for Crafting.............YET

This past month has found me upgrading around our home.  So rather than creating with fabrics and flip flops I have been up to my elbows (and hair) with paint!  My son asked if he could paint his room (it needed it) so he and I went to get paint.  His idea was to use black and red!  My ideas were a little less radical.  So between our brainstorming we came up with what I would call chocolate pudding.  The color is a very dark but nice brown and the whole time we were painting I kept saying that I felt like I am painting pudding on the walls!

After painting his room I remembered I had paint for the hall so I painted that.  Then realized I had paint for the laundry room too, so that was next.  Which then, of course,  led me to the boys bathroom, touch-up in the living room and so on!

Now after all of that we are endeavoring to redo our porch, which is somehow making me think of painting our ceilings.............I don't know if I will go that far.................yet. :)

I am glad for summer upgrades.  Crafting will come soon enough as does winter around here which is when I seem to have more time for crafting.

We have also had some family time which you can view here:    Beach Trip