Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sam's Pillow

I have an eight year old who thinks he loves to sew!  He's been interested since he was about 6.  I even have a small sewing machine that I've let him use to sew pillows, bags, and other creations with.  But somehow when I moved my "craft station" from one room to the other, I misplaced the cord for his machine : (   This didn't stop him though, he asked me to teach him to hand sew!  He's certainly an aggressive young man.

The other evening he found me sewing and of course asked if he could sew too.  I had been saying no for about a month now, but I gave him a yes this time.  Sam had his own fabric that he had bought a while back (yes, he loves the fabric store just about as much as I do)  and wanted to make a big pillow with it. 

Sam's "Leather"

 I let him look through my patterns this time.  This is actually the first time I've shown him patterns and let him pin and cut.  Usually he does his own shape and cutting. He chose to make a bolster pillow.

Pinning the pattern

I let him use my machine this time and he did just fine considering it is a lot faster that the small one he usually uses.  He sewed everything but the last round piece.  I helped him with this since it was hard to sew once it was filled with the stuffing.

This project was quick from start to finish.  I had forgotten just how easy it was to make such a nice pillow.

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