Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chocolate Snowflakes

 Last night during our family night I was able to make a few hair clips.  Often I have a few different ideas to try out with all different kinds of colors, but this time my only color idea was brown.  How many different kinds of creations can you make with the color brown?  Well here are some clips we came up with.  I say "we" because even though I made these, Amy always tells me her opinions and ideas.  This is my favorite part-having her apart of what I'm doing.

Neapolitan Pinwheel

I call this clip the Neapolitan pinwheel because the colors remind me of Neapolitan ice cream.

Polka Dot and Brown Bow Tie Clip
Pin Striped Bow Tie
 Bow tie clips are one of my favorites, so of course, I made a few of these.

Crochet Hair Band - Brown & Pink

I attached this pretty pink crochet flower to my brown hair band.  That came out nice.

Chocolate Snowflake

And since it is winter I made a few chocolate brown hair clips with snowflakes in the center.  When I have a chance I will make a few "fancier" snowflake clips and post those.  Family night took first priority, as it should  : )

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